Posted on April 25, 2016

is lexapro sedative

Re: Re: SEDATION & What Meds Are You On?? is lexapro sedative.

Pretty much anything that messes with norepinephrine, like desipramine or wellbutrin could cause anxiety. OR you might respond paradoxically and dowell on it. Theres no way to know without trying.Personally I find wellbutrin to be a better drug for energy and apathy. I think the latter is due tothe dopamine effect. desipramine is ok on energy but leaves me feeling wired and very strange feeling. Like I can 'smell' the drug in my ownsweat. its yucky. It is good on pain however so if you have fibromyalgia or something else going on its a good option.As for me Im getting off of itand back to wellbutrin asap. Yuck. Is lexapro sedative.

Statistical overviews suggest that the use of sedative-spiked drinks for robbing people is actually much more common than their use for rape.[26]Cases of criminals taking rohypnol themselves before they commit crimes have also been reported[citation needed], as the loss of inhibitions from thedrug may increase their confidence to commit the offence, and the amnesia produced by the drug makes it difficult for police to interrogate them ifthey are caught.

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